Fox-Mar will provide each of the following items and services to each student attending your prom.

Don't wait in line, don't miss the party! Order dance portraits now and save the memory forever. The convenient option allows your students to prepay for a package online with their credit or debit card and saves them time at the dance to enjoy the party. NO waiting at the cashier line!


Students will receive their dance portrait via email. This service is included in several packages. Students will be able to share their images on Facebook, Instagram, and send to family or friends. 


A beautiful invitation/ticket is provided for each student attending the dance. This also is customized to match the theme of the evening and is chosen specifically for your dance by the prom committee.


Want your images on the spot? We have the solution for you! Whether it is instant keychains, photo booth images, or even a Step & Repeat custom background, we've got you covered.

We have the most extensive and varied backgrounds of any photographer in the state. If we don't have what you want we can usually design and create any background you desire! If your committee would like to provide their own background, we will contribute money for their project or decorator.

During your event, Fox-Mar will have a photographer capturing your event. These will include couple shots, table shots, group shots, and just about anything your committee needs.